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A professional, full-service RPT piano tuner / technician offering tuning, regulation, voicing and repair services in San Francisco and surrounding cities.  

My usual work week is normal business hours, Tuesday through Friday. 

To make an appointment, please call or email:





Rob Mitchell

Registered Piano Technician


Mitchell Piano Service

San Francisco, California



Check, Cash, PayPal, Venmo or Credit card accepted


COVID-19 Tuning and Piano Service

San Francisco and regional cities have relaxed the Stay at Home orders and I'm now back to work on a limited schedule (Tue-Fri). 

I feel incredibly fortunate that I've been able to get both doses of the Moderna vaccine already.  Of course, no vaccine is perfect and I will still be following these guidelines.


COVID-19 Piano Service Guidelines:

  •  Advise me in advance if you know of specific issues other than tuning that need to be addressed.

  •  Please remove ALL objects from the piano before I arrive (music, lamps, plants, metronomes, pencils, toys, etc). 

  •  I will be wearing a mask.

  •  I'll wash my hands on arrival and before I leave - please make facilities available so I can do this.

  •  I will wipe down the keyboard and nearby surfaces before I begin.

  •  I would prefer there be no one else in the piano room with me while I'm working. Anyone nearby needs to have a mask on. 

  •  Opening windows is a good idea for ventilation.

  •  As always, I'm able to do my best work when the environment is quiet.


Please let me know if anyone in your family has any cold or flu-like symptoms -- I'll be more than happy to reschedule your appointment.  If anyone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19 or is currently under quarantine because of suspected exposure please reschedule when the quarantine period is over (typically, at least two weeks).  There will be no late cancellation charges. I will also postpone all appointments if I have any reason to question my own health. 

My goal is to minimize risk and ensure that both you and I are protected as much as possible.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  If I feel the environment is not conducive to maintaining proper distancing or observing safety protocols I will suggest we reschedule.  If you have any concerns please let me know in advance. Minimizing contact between us is the best and safest route.




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